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The difference between the castings and forgings
Publisher:admin  AddDate:2012-8-10 16:53:24  Hits:1419

Even precision castings casting defects: such as mold shrinkage holes, trachoma, fractal surface, pouring hole; forgings and vice versa.
And you can be the product fell to the ground, and then listen to his crash, usually casting hair muffled, forging sound brittle!

Forgings are made by forging pieces. Forging impact, forging pieces. Casting casting method to make the pieces casting mold or model, and fill them with molten steel, cast out of the pieces. casting the metal melt into a liquid to meet certain requirements, and poured into the mold, the solidification by cooling, to obtain a predetermined shape, size and performance of the casting (part or blank) clear the entire treatment process forging

By forging mechanical pressure is applied to the metal blank to produce plastic deformation in order to obtain a method for processing a certain mechanical properties, a certain shape and size forgings


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